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How To Pick The Perfect Dress


A dress is just a  plain simple dress until you bring it to life. A lot of women say there shopping for the perfect dress, But what does that mean?  Is there such a thing as the perfect dress just waiting on the hanger to be purchased? Absolutely not!  Any dress can be made into the perfect dress, by just adding your charisma, personal style & flare.

When getting into the mindset of looking for a dress start by asking yourself what are the things you love about your body, then find a dress that accentuates that particular part of you. Look at the type of event you are attending, ask yourself is it a casual formal, dressy occasion. Another question to ask is how do you plan on making your own unique statement.  Next, let’s consider what’s your personality like? Are you playful, adventurous, sexy,  or conservative etc?

Knowing your personality is very important,  this is how you will bring your dress to life, it is also how you will show how unique and beautiful you are. The final piece of finding the perfect dress is adding flare. This is how you will accessorize your dress and really add your personality to it, think about the color, style, type of shoe you will wear to make your outfit pop, the jewelry you will add, how eccentric or basic the jewellery piece will be.

lastly, Your hairstyle and makeup choices will complete the entire look making the perfect dress a hit & you simply outstanding.


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Music in my soul

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Full freedom

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Peaceful view

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Summer cafe

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