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How Body Positivity In 2016 Will Be Different Than The Year Before


Body positivity is far from a new concept, but 2015 was arguably the year that body positive trends came to the mainstream. And now that the conversation has started, I am predicting that 2016 will be the year that body positivity stops being “news” in and of itself, and instead we start celebrating the individuality of body positive fashion. Mainly, I hope that people will finally stop policing what others want to wear and start celebrating personal freedom and autonomy through style at all sizes.

There have been a lot of body pos trends getting traction in the media, with movements and campaigns such as #IWontCompromise or #DontHateTheShake that challenge the idea that plus size women can’t do yoga or show plus size bodies dancing and shaking, respectively. But the fashion lover in me can’t help but notice that 2016 is poised for some big advances in body positive style, too.

In 2015, the plus size community fought back against brands that claimed body positivity without an in-depth understanding of the concept. This was seen in the #AskLaneBryant Twitter chat, where a lot of the questions posed focused on giving the plus size community more options and better representation. Notably, blogger Gabi Gregg of GabiFresh posed the question to her followers, “What would make you actually spend more money at Lane Bryant?” and the answers showed that more options and models sizes 22 and above are what the community wants.

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