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David Haaselhoff’s Model daughter Won’t Use the Term Plus-Size

David Hasselhoff’s Model Daughter Hayley Won’t Use the Term Plus-Size


Add Hayley Hasselhoff to the list of genetically blessed offspring parented by ’90s pop-culture icons. Her dad is former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, and while Hayley has done some acting work, it’s her successful modeling career that’s attracted the most attention. The blond was just asked about the term “plus-size” and explained that while it’s not a label she voluntarily uses, it doesn’t offend her.

“I praise it because it’s an industry standard to me, an industry word—I was never called plus-size until I was a model. With any word

[that could be] negative, it’s how you look upon the word. For me, I look upon it with light and success and beauty,” she said.


“At the same time, it’s not the word I would use. When I started out I used to say, ‘I’m voluptuous.’ If I went into a store now, I would never say that I was plus-size, I would say that I’m curvy or busty,” she continued.

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Hayley was signed to Ford Models at age 14, but then took six years off before jumping into it with more passion than ever (she’s 23 now). And any pressure she’s felt to lose weight has come from the acting world rather than modeling.

“I was in this weird stage of going out for the best friend role, but I always got feedback that I was prettier than the main character but not skinny enough to be the lead. So I felt the pressure then, but this was years ago. Eventually I came to a point where I realized this is who I am and I’m going to stay true to who I am.”


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