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Catherine is the face of Voluptuous Clothing Inc, international plus size model and business woman who works in advertising in Toronto, Canada.

Catherine has struggled with her weight/appearance throughout her life; never fitting in with ‘conventional’ size women, and never truly feeling beautiful in a world where other people’s perceptions of what a woman should look like, always tore away at her confidence.


From the age of 12, Catherine can recall peers calling her a ‘tub of lard’, fat, big butt, ugly and so on for many years. She would grow to hate her body.

She found reprieve from the vile words of her school mates through the therapy of horseback riding -immersing herself for years in this sport. However, once she went to university and her security blanket was ripped free, Catherine would soon re-face her body image issues.


Countless men would call her fat or ugly, she would soon develop an eating disorder and learn the unhealthy way of loving her body. No matter how much weight she lost, she was never happy. It took Catherine 4 years to come to terms that she had to love herself no matter her size – she had to stop caring about what others thought and to accept herself.

On a whim, Catherine reached out to Angela Samuels, CEO of Voluptuous Clothing for a modelling opportunity in 2012 – the experience would more than enrich her life, it would allow her to develop a new-found love and appreciation for her body. She would learn from Ms. Samuels that all women are beautiful regardless of size, what matters is how a woman feels and how she carries herself – this makes all the difference.


Modelling has been a powerful learning experience for Catherine. Over the past few years, she has been asked consistently by co-workers, friends and strangers about where her clothing is from. They are her inspiration for creating her blog – to show others the wealth of opportunities there are for dressing a curvy figure and for providing inspiration for plus size women.


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