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Are you the Invisible In-Betweenie?

I’m stoked that more retailers are realizing that every chick is not a size 2, I must admit that I’m still a little confused as to why the “chick in the middle” is still constantly ignored, even though she makes up the majority of the average women.

When I say the “chick in the middle” I’m referring to women that fall in the size range of 10-18. This woman really doesn’t have an advocate of her own when it comes to fashion. All of her clothes are originally conceptualized for smaller women and then graded up, or for larger women and then graded down.
But since the middle woman is the majority…why is no one giving her undivided attention??
Wouldn’t it just make sense to start in the middle and expand from there? Retailers and marketers are constantly trying to affirm that women in the middle don’t like to shop or spend money. But how many of them have even tried making clothes specifically for her and then marketing those items directly to her to be able to make those affirmations?
In my humble opinion, that middle ground is where all the gold lies- and it’s the major reason I decided to create Voluptuous.
I wanted to speak to the woman who is just like me. I’ve been a from a size 11-18 and finding clothes has always been hit or miss. I never liked shopping in the “plus size” stores because I couldn’t relate to them and nothing appealed to me. But shopping at straight size retailers that offer larger sizes was a gamble because that clothing was never designed or cut for my body. And don’t even get me started on trying to find higher end, cool, contemporary clothes in that range. It essentially doesn’t exist.
Shopping experiences often left me completely frustrated and disheartened. Unfortunately, it took me forever to realize that my frustrations were displaced; targeted at my body instead of the retailers.

In this new world of fashion where it seems that “plus sizes” are finally gaining a voice and being valued and considered, is it too much to ask that girls in the middle receive the same? I’m just saying.

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