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Plus Size Swim Calendar Makes Waves!

Swimsuits For All – the plus-size swimsuit e-tailer recently launched a positive body image inspired calendar. The purpose behind the calendar is that they wanted to capture ‘confident, sexy women with varying body types to highlight the beauty in all women.’

The calendar is truly breathtaking – featuring various voluptuous body types, all beautiful in their own rights… in super sexy bikinis and rankings!

Here are some of the shots with all credit to Swimsuits for All:






Looking at the press release for the calendar got me so excited! The plus size revolution has taken hold and I feel as though our confidence and self-assurance are growing as a community. However, my heart sank as I accidentally clicked on the comments section and started reading through them….

Some of the comments included:

-Omg stop sugar coating it, they are FAT no matter how you look at it, dont encourage its not cute they dont need sympathy what they need is a threadmill & a strict diet geesh

-Can I sue for being blinded?

-My sympathies to the retoucher! So much cellulite, lumps, bulges, and discoloration to contend with!

My purpose for sharing these is not to make any plus size women feel bad – these aren’t things we’ve not ever heard or been told before. My purpose is to show that these people are incredibly ignorant, close-minded and nasty. It is up to us to ignore them and uphold what we feel and know is beautiful – happy, healthy women who take care of their bodies and embrace every bit of who they are!

Today I walked out of the house in a high waisted skirt and crop top, a first for me. I was smiling and happy and wondered why I had ever worried! As I was on my way home after errands, I walked by a couple and the girl loudly exclaimed to her partner, “chubby girls shouldn’t wear crop tops”. And I immediately stopped in my tracks. I wanted to cry, scream and disappear all at once. Then I remembered, screw her! I’m awesome! The only person I look to impress every day is the individual who looks back at me in the mirror smiling every morning – me! Why would I ever want to live up to some stranger’s standards? I want to live up to my own!

The women in this calendar are role models for our community! Be you, be happy and own it! Because your curves are killer!

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