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New Season of Project Runway Calls for Plus Models

We couldn’t of asked for a better next step forward with integrating plus size models into popular reality television shows – and what better place to start than with Project Runway! Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn wants to film a season exclusively for plus-sized women. It’s about time!!! All models will be larger than a size 12; it’s a big step in a good direction!

In the past, the 60-year-old reality star has been an outspoken critic of the fashion industry for ignoring women who are not shaped like supermodels.


If you’ve seen this show, then you’re probably excited to see how the 12 clothing designers will dress these more realistic sized women! And if you haven’t seen the show it is essentially 12 designers assigned different design tasks weekly and they have limited budget and timing to design and create an outfit for their model. They are also responsible for styling and accessorizing each outfit. Then all the models’ outfits are judged and let the best designer win!

First it was New York fashion week including plus size models, then H&M working to incorporate fuller women into their advertising, now it’s popular television shows – this year has offered leaps and bounds to the plus size movement as it gains momentum and we’re loving it!

Now who wants to see a plus size The Bachelorette? We do!

Well done Tim Gunn, we salute you!

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