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How to do a #SELFIE

It’s the latest craze but nothing we haven’t done before — Selfies! It seems rather selfish to go around taking pictures of yourself, but in these days, it’s the trendy thing to do. Everyone loves taking selfies: from President Obama, to the most modest of celebrities; and they are taking the time to do a self portrait of themselves (selfies) and posting it on social media for the world to see. I love looking on social media and seeing plus size women not afraid of showing themselves by doing tons of selfies. it really shows how my Voluptuous vixen are no longer afraid of their plus size bodies.

Selfies look simple but their happens to be a trick on how to get the best angles of yourself on camera. Here is how I recommend doing a selfie:

Hold the camera downwards. Take a look where the button is to take the picture and place your finger there, then look at the camera lens not the button to take the picture. Think of how you are feeling or who the picture is for, then get that look on your face.

Take a few shots of that beautiful or silly face so you have options to choose. Another way of doing a selfie is by laying down and holding the camera down, I like this method the most because it makes you look like you woke up looking beautiful with no effort at all. After you have picked your perfect selfie, don’t forget to crop and use filters to portray your thoughts! Happy Selfie and use the Hastag #selfie for the world to see you.

Angela Samuels

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