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Girlfriend Rules

Their are rules to being girlfriends, that should never be broken if you value your relationship!

1) You should never compete with your girlfriends, this usually indicates someone is jealous of the other. Jealousy always leads to hurt.

2) Never Date your friends Exes, especially if things ended badly. This is just awkward and shows disrespect; it also promotes distrust with each other.

3) Too many girlfriends equals drama. Sharing too many secrets, or getting advice puts your personal business out there and prompts gossip.

4) Never get romantic with your girlfriend, it changes the dynamic of your relationship. If your relationship goes bad, things will never be the same again.

5) Never live together, just because you have a lot in common and you are inseparable means your relationship can tolerate being in each other’s space and face everyday. Living together is a sure way to become enemies.

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