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AIDS Awareness and the Dare to Wear Love for AIDS Event

imageimageimageToday’s society has forgotten about a dangerous killer, so much that we as a society have dropped our guard and pretended this killer no longer exists.

The killer’s name is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Aids is the disease that changed the 80’s and forever changed our sexual behavior -or so we thought. Now a days in the twentieth century it seems that aids is a myth, a story or something that is of no concern to the modern day individual. It’s estimated that in Canada there are 71,300 people living with aids since 2011, an 11.4% increase since 2008.

Homosexuals still continue to be the group most affected by this disease over women living aids which is approximately 23.3% of the national total.

Their is no cure for aids. It is sexually transmitted or through bodily fluids into any open area not protected by skin. This means you are at risk if you are getting a tattoo, body piercing, electrolysis, acupuncture etc by anyone who is using an unsterile needle on you.

This year I supported the Stephen Lewis Foundation Dare To Wear Love for AIDS at the Ritz- Carlton in Toronto, Ontario. This Fundraiser showcases all of Canada’s Top Designers like Hoax Couture, Comrags, Brain Bailey and David Dixon along with Canadian celebrity’s to model the clothing. It was a great night, I was pleased to see a diversity of people, abilities & size attend the event. I love supporting great charities and educating the Voluptuous women, so she plays it safe all the time!

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