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Face Care Tips

A woman’s face care regime is key to maintaining a fresh face with healthy, glowing skin!

I have tried various product and regimes over the past 10 years and used to prefer the Olay Clear X line. However, when they discontinued that line I had to find a new line that I loved just as much. Having suffered as a teenager and young adult with acne – it is always a worry that it could return! Hence why switching also made me nervous.

I decided to try a Neutrogena line as they have very good reviews from dermatologists. I chose the Neutrogena naturals line which includes a cleansing face wash, daily face lotion and night cream. The naturals line boasts no harsh chemical surfates, parabens or dyes.



Here is a rundown of the three products:

The face wash is not only a fresh cleansing soap but also a certified makeup remover – and trust me it works so well! My skin always feels so clean and soft after using it and it doesn’t dry it out. I prefer a soap to a foam lotion, but I do believe they also have a foam option. I typically wash my face in the evening, as women should know – never go to bed with makeup on!!! It is a cardinal sin – it increases your likeliness of wrinkles and is bad for your skin.

Once I’ve washed my face in the evening, I put on the multi vitamin nourishing night cream which is fortified with vitamin B, C, E and anti-oxidant omega-bionutrients. This cream feels so luxurious on my skin and it is so light. You may wonder about the validity of using a night lotion -however night lotions are a heavier cream than a day cream and really help to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

When I wake up in the morning and before I put on makeup, I put on the multi-vitamin daily moisturizer. It is extremely light and makes my skin feel wonderful. It also offers continuous moisture throughout the day and is enriched with all the same essential skin nutrients that are in the night cream.

The even better part is all of these products are 97% naturally derived.

Ever since using these products, I’ve had no problems with my skin breaking out and no dryness that you can sometimes get with stronger products that strip the skin of all moisture. This can actually be worse for your skin as it causes it to overproduce oils to counteract the dryness.

Last but not least, the best part is the price point on these products:

Face wash: $9.97
Daily moisturizer: $9.97
Night cream: $12.99

I used to spend $80 on the skin care kit I had to buy from Olay as they didn’t sell the products separately … So this is not only more affordable but also sold individually!

I love these products and highly recommend trying the line to anyone. I do suggest that when you try a new product that you use it for 4-6 months so that your skin can adjust and you can see the full benefits – this is in fact how long it takes to see real results.

Try this product and let us know your thoughts!

Here’s a shot of my face right after washing and applying the nourishing night cream!


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