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Embracing Your Summer Body!

Voluptuous women, you are who you are! And it’s time to accept your body for all its beauty. Here’s my advice on dressing sexy over the hot summer months.

1. Don’t make thin your focus. Obsessing about being a certain size often leads to you buying sizes that are way too small for you because you’re hoping you will lose the weight to wear a smaller size. The problem with this is you end up stuffing yourself into a smaller size, which gives you a very unflattering look; like a sausage being stuffed into its casing. Learning how to work your silhouette will help you achieve your desired look. Everyone has asset! Learn what yours is (eg. Waist, hips, legs, arms, chest etc.) and know what they are on you and play them up!

2. Stick to Larger Jewelry. Scale is important, I personally love statement pieces. Small Jewelry will get lost on your Voluptuous Body. Accessories have a way of making an outfit pop. Delicate jewelry does nothing to accentuate you or your outfit.

3. Don’t forget cute shoes! Being Voluptuous, some of us have wider and bigger feet, so we tend to stick to ballerina flats. The problem with this is with some outfits your feet end up looking stuffed in! I know it’s challenging to wear them for an extended time but take the time to look for your proper size and try heels. Heels give you a great lift, elongate your legs and add a sexy look to your outfit!

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