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It’s an All-White Party for Spring/Summer 2014!


I’m so glad that white is back in fashion for Spring and Summer! It looks so fresh, clean and always sophisticated; it’s the one colour that stands out the most and makes the biggest statement. I personally love all-white parties or any event that calls for white attire because I always find it intriguing to see how each person interprets white (cream? off-white? hat? gloves? the list goes on!)

While shopping for Spring/Summer 2014 I was  hypnotized and pleased by the amount of white outfits I saw for the  curvy girl on the runway. The only rule that should be followed when wearing white is that you have to find the right white outfit for your shape. Like I said, white always makes a statement, so you want to make sure you say, “I’m FABULOUS!”. I hope to find as many crisp and trendy white outfits as I can this season to have in my stores for you, because I know my Voluptuous shoppers always know how to rock a white dress or outfit! Hope to see you at an all-white event this Spring/Summer 2014 – who knows, maybe I’ll host one? 😉


Angela Samuels