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Toronto World Master Card Fashion Week

For our 2014 Fall Collection at Voluptuous, I attended the  World Master Card Fashion Week.

I was very inspired watching Pink Tartan and GSUS 2014 fall fashion collections.

Flared skirts, military jackets, fur trimmed coats, embellishments, turtle necks were all over the runways, however something was missing! I did not see anyone looking Voluptuous or any attempt to show a women at least a size 12 . When I realized that, I somehow felt out of place, I was almost sure we had evolved to a place of size acceptance .

Toronto fashion initiatives have sadly not evolved, high fashion remains for the elite skinny it seems.

Maybe it’s time to have our own plus size fashion week in Toronto, where plus size designers and retail brands can showcase their clothing  similar to the way it’s done at the World Master Card Fashion Week! It’s discouraging to see that in these modern times we are still fighting the battle for the fashion industry to notice real women exist after a size 0. However with that said, I left Fashion Week with a commitment to use Voluptuous Inc to break down the stereotypes and provide plus size women with fashions concepts straight from the runways.

I plan to make a big impact with future collections and make plus sized women fell sexier more than ever before. Plus sized women can say goodbye to tasteless fashions and hello to curvy and trend setting fashion at Voluptuous!