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The Case of the “Thigh Gap”

You may have recently heard about the alleged photoshopping by Old Navy to their plus size jean images in their online store to show a pronounced “thigh gap”. See the article here: Old Navy Photoshops Thigh Gap in Plus Size Jeans


Not only was the photoshopping horribly done – but I couldn’t help but think, “What is the world coming to? Does photoshopping a gap between the thighs actually help sales? Is it more aesthetically pleasing?” Overall, I was enraged to read this… Our society, especially the media and brands, are so fixed on ‘perfection’ and setting unrealistic standards that this was just another strike against large brands for refusing to recognize that they sell clothes for everyday people, not perfect people!

There has been a large internet trend regarding the ‘thigh gap’ and how if a woman does not have a thigh gap, then she is ‘fat’ or unhealthy. There are many websites with diet trends and workout regimes that try to give women that pined for thigh gap. My only question is, and what does that give them? Satisfaction? No. Just the thoughts that they aren’t normal or that their body isn’t acceptable.

This trend is not only close-minded but it sets a horrible example for our impressionable youth and an utterly impossible precedent to reach.

In reality, more trends should be aligned to the view that the hashtag #honoryourcurves carries with it. It is a movement started by one woman in an attempt to show curvaceous women of all that they have to be appreciative of – their beautiful bodies! She seeks to show women that embracing the good and the bad is so healthy and really it’s what we deserve! Everyone is made to feel bad for a less than perfect body – who wants to live life like that? I want to love me always and I want to see you love you!

Rather than photoshopping in thigh gaps or trying to make curvy or plus size women into something they aren’t (trust me, I love my thighs and hips…. I would never want skinny, straight legs because that’s just NOT in my body composition, it’s not how I’m meant to be), we should be embracing our thighs touching!

At the end of the day, it is our differences that set us a part and make us who we are. Why would I want to try to make my thighs like everyone else’s? I love my thighs, touching and all because they’re mine! Even though I have to buy new jeans regularly because I have a hole between my thighs from my legs rubbing together… I still wouldn’t change my body because it is my temple, my home and my soul. No one can tell me it isn’t perfect!

This is how we want our Voluptuous Inc customers to see their bodies… As their temples that are beautiful for all their curves!