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The New Plus Size CEO



I get asked often on how did i find the inner strength to develop Voluptuous.
I follow 5 simple rules that guide me as a CEO.

  1. I look to lead and have always sought opportunities to lead before I became the CEO of Voluptuous I  practice leading small groups and volunteered, I always made sure my voice was heard with the group. I also practice giving  directions and holding people accountable.
  2. Create a team, you never know it all. My advisers are people I admire and respect, I value their opinion and humble myself to their expertis.  The worst leader you can be is one who does not listen to the experts on your team.  Develop and cultivate relationships with your advisers so they work in-sync with you to grow your business.
  3. Impress yourself first. Your ideas should rock your world and excite you, before you think about giving other people what you think they want from you.  When the outcome is what you expected you will be ecstatic, this keeps the Joy in your work, so you love what you do!
  4. Make a top 3 list. find 3 leaders who inspire you, write down what makes them so powerful. In my Voluptuous office I read this every day and I try bring those attributes to my daily life.
  5.  Speak with purpose, take time to think through your thoughts and the way you want to communicate it!  Its very easy to say the wrong things, my goal is always to inspire!