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Enhance the love in your life whether you are with someone or not! Follow some of my simply rules to making a love plan:

1) Be clear on who you want to be in a relationship with. Make a list of things you want and need in a relationship, then find out which is more important to you ie. caring verses sex. Too often we think about what the other person wants and we forget about our needs -you should get what you put in!

2) Treat your romance like a friend and friendship like a romance. Learn how to treat your lover like a best friend, you will be more authentic and relaxed. Prioritize your friendship by making dates, take the pressure off the romance. This makes you less emotional and needy.

3) Leave a good energy imprint- Learn to evaluate your date by how much fun you had, not by how cool or hot you looked. When you can truly relax and have a good time with your lover, it creates positive energy.

4) Have a sober date. It is important to remember what happens on your dates, especially if you are really feeling him or her!!!

5) Forget your past relationships. The past is the past! Get over him/her before you start dating again. Forgive your exes, start fresh and leave the baggage out of your brand new relationship.

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