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Lets Hear It For The Rihanna Trend



Most of us have seen this trend on all the hottest celebs, the Jogger Pant.

One would think this style came from one of today’s hottest designers like maybe Dsquared, Dontella Versace, or even the king of fashion, Karl Largerford himself! Apparently not, this trend was started by the songstress RHI RHI. Rihanna explains that she loves wearing oversized clothing, especially Men’s Jackets. This is because of her hectic show schedules where she does a lot of rehearsing, including practicing all her dance moves.

Rihanna’s favourite dress code while going to rehearsals is a pair of baggy track pants, and don’t forget that she always rehearses in the heels she will be performing in! Often after Rehearsing she has to dash to her next event which she is often photographed doing. Apparently this trend was caught on by street savey fashionistas and then later by designers.

Let’s hear it for Rihanna who has inspired a whole generation of women into making that over sized jogger you would normally wear to the gym or just lounge in, into this year’s hottest trend that other celebrities can not get enough of, including Voluptuous Clothing. We are happy to say that we’ve introduced the Rhianna Jogger to all our stores for the plus size and curvy fashionistas!