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Keeping up with Embellishments for Spring Fashion 2014

Keeping up with embellishments for Spring 2014, we saw them make a big return! Although embellishments have always been around, they usually makes an appearance during the Fall and Winter months. However this Sprint, it was seen all over the runways! Designers like Valentino have shown off embellishments during their recent shows.

Embellishments were birthed by the Kings Louis, adorning themselves with intricate pieces to better accentuate their outfits and make them stand out -they have always symbolized Grandeur and luxury. When I wear embellished fabrics, I feel like a million bucks because while it looks like I spent a lot of time of making my outfit look grand, it is really easy to do and can make the difference between an ok outfit and an outstanding one!

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Voluptuous inc is working to bring you the hottest trends for the Spring 2014 season. Stay tuned for more trends and tips that will make you the most fashionable plus size woman!