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Developing Voluptuous New store Concept

Developing Voluptuous’ newest store on Queen Street West has been my  the biggest challenge yet.

To develop our new look, I had to look closely at who our customers have evolved into. And you have grown with us into mature, confident and chic women! This grown-up “Voluptuous woman” that shops with us is maybe a mom or the new modern single woman – but regardless, she works in an office or corporate atmosphere, she seeks business appropriate wear but wants to be chic, trendy and sexy at the same time!

When I realized that this “Voluptuous Woman” grew up, I knew that Voluptuous Inc. would have to grow with her if we wanted to continue providing services to today’s plus size women.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our clothing has changed recently to a young contemporary look with a chic, glamour feel to it. Voluptuous Inc will always work to keep up with the plus size fashion trends so we can always keep our customers on trend!

Our Queen Street West location will embody this new “Voluptuous woman” by being a store that provides a VIP shopping experience within a luxurious space. My favorite space will be our change rooms which will feature full length mirrors, beautiful satin drapery, and a chandelier  to die for! The store colour concept will be black & white, featuring 2 large chandeliers for the main shopping areas.

I can’t wait to see all my Voluptuous customers shopping at our new location when we open in April of 2014! Stay tuned for details on the grand opening!