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Breaking Your Habits of Finding Mr.Wrong

imageI have been hearing from a lot of women about always finding Mr.Wrong. Here are some of the traits in a man you need to avoid and why you are attracted to him. Be aware and break the habit of finding Mr. Wrong!

The Asshole
This is a man who is full of himself, thinks he is the greatest and behaves like you deserve him! He constantly talks about himself, only thinks of himself and feels you need to take care of him. We are attracted to this man because we tell ourselves this is confidence, but in actuality it is arrogance at its worst! Beware of this man, he will take your self-esteem straight down to the ground.

The Man-Boy
This is Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up! This man is needy and still requires a lover, who also plays a mother to him! He may even still live at home with mom or he requires you to do every thing his mother did when he was a boy! This man will devour you. You will never have time to think about your needs and he will turn you into a old woman while you are still young! We are attracted to this man because he makes us feel needed, but you must never forget the most important person is yourself! There should be a give and take between helping him and him helping you. You are not his mother, you are his lover -he needs to act like a grown man!

The Friend-Boyfriend
This man is very nice, he is likely your best friend with benefits! What makes this man a death trap is that their is no fire or depth to this man and he also lacks commitment. You are so comfortable with this man, the sex becomes boring and uneventful because he is too busy trying to be your friend instead of your lover! He also annoys you at times and just like with your girlfriends, you just need a break away from him! You are attracted to this man because he seems like a man who will be there for you. It is always good when you can relate to your man but he is your lover and must know how to stand up like a man!

The Baggage Man
This man has not gotten over his previous bad relationships and takes it out on you! He is still on the rebound from his exes and thinks all women are bitches or nags! This is the worst man of all, and if you are with this man get rid of him immediately. He pretends to be into you, however when anything goes wrong he slams you and degrades you. Because his past still haunts him, he does not know how to love you or respect you! You are just a shadow of his previous lovers. This man is dangerous because he has too much baggage and has not learned to accept the past and move on. Their is no future with this man until he deals with his demons, which is not you! You are attracted to this man because you feel you can fix him, but you can’t. He will always make you feel like your the problem!

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