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Breaking Fashion’s Colour Rules in Spring 2014

2014-02-18 09.21.19DSC_0658-skin

Today’s blog post is to tell you, my valued Voluptuous shoppers, about the hottest fashion trends I’ve seen in the past few weeks on the fashion runways for Spring 2014 and how they’ve inspired our Spring Collection.

At first, I was shocked when I saw what are typically Fall colours strutting down the runway for Spring fashion but as I saw them – I was truly inspired. Spring 2014 is the year to throw away the rule book and stop matching colors to the season! Being a rebel myself, embracing this new direction seemed only natural. Saying this, I’m excited to say that in our Spring collection I’ve introduced dark colours with floral prints that are flirty and cute.

My goal this year is to provide our Voluptuous customers with the trendiest and most fashionable looks straight from the fashion runways.

I truly hope you enjoy breaking through restricting fashion rules and stepping outside of the box with Voluptuous this season!

Angela Samuels