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A Testament to Why I Started My Business


We receive e-mails on a day-to-day basis from thankful customers, however this note that we received recently really stood out to us and we wanted to share it with you. This note is reminiscent of why I started Voluptuous Inc. -to provide curvy women with sexy and trendy clothes that make them feel good about themselves. The note is as follow:

I cannot thank your store enough. I always used to hide my curves under baggy clothes and blend into the background of any group or photo. I have embraced my body and began to treat it well. I went from a size 20 to a 14 recently and Voluptuous clothing has been there every step of the way. Nothing feels better than being in a store where everything will fit you and its beautiful pieces!

I purchased my first bathing suit there after 15 years of avoiding them like the plague! My very first pair of leggings! I used to wear pants to functions, but I purchased a hot pink dress a few years back and rocked that bad boy like you wouldn’t believe! I cannot tell you how this clothing store changed my life. I have never received more compliments in my life and felt so trendy and beautiful. And is it just me, but guys go pretty crazy for confident lovely curvy ladies?

I used to shop at the Vaughan Mills location but that is a horrible area for an amazing store like yours. I used to live in Toronto, but moved to Keswick two years ago so I will have to go to Dufferin Mall when I visit my friends. Yeah I know….Keswick, who does that? Me.

I hope you expand further. I suggest Newmarket. The women there need a makeover! And I say that with love. Every woman needs to feel sexy. Stores like Addition Elle or Old Navy or Laura are just that. Clothes that are safe and teach women like us to be modest and blend in. Not to mention how over priced Addition Elle is! Their MXM is ok but still not enough personality. We need personality and need to let the inner Rock Star out!

I’ve blogged about my weight loss and post inspirational videos and will be blogging about your store soon. I’ve kept my blog very private and now am ready to start sharing with friends and family. And start posting pics of my fall picks for every closet. If you would like to skim through my blog here is the site:

Please I beg you! Open a store north of Toronto like, way north but closer than Barrie. The clothes I buy alone would keep it in business. Or I can just come manage it for you!

Thank you!


We want to thank all our loyal customers from past, present and future; and we will continue working hard to keep you feeling sexy and beautiful in all our clothes and shoes!

Thank you Maria.


Angela Samuels