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Voluptuous Model Exposé

Before (left) and after (right)
Before (left) and after (right)
At Voluptuous Clothing, we have a firm belief that plus size women of all ages, shapes and sizes should be able to wear clothes that not only make them feel beautiful and suit their curves, but that also gives them that extra boost of confidence! 😉 It is for this reason that we encourage all women to apply to be a Voluptuous model, because we believe that our clothes will bring out the best in you… and perhaps you will try something on you never thought you would before -and love it!

We’d like to tell you about Debbie, our latest model who applied to our facebook post looking for models for a Summer photoshoot. We loved Debbie’s shots and asked her to join us for an impromptu shoot. Above, you can see her before photo on the left and the after photo on the right.

Please find Debbie’s experience chronicled below in her own words:

“Recently I submitted photos to Voluptuous in hopes of becoming a Voluptuous Doll and I was so excited when I received an email inviting me to a photo shoot.

I have to say the whole experience was awesome. I got to try on all the stylish and sexy clothes Voluptuous offers and had so much fun with the other girls. The clothes made me feel sexy and beautiful and it seems every outfit fit my curves perfectly. I actually felt like a model.

I have shopped in plus size stores for many years and I have never found so many great pieces all in one place. Not to mention the trends were very up to date! This was very exciting and usually hard to find.

Where ever you are, I assure you, it’s worth the drive to one of their locations. So get the girls together for a girls day of shopping and feeling beautiful. You never know, maybe you will be their next Voluptuous Doll!!!!”

It was such a pleasure for us to have the talented, sweet and oh so sexy Debbie join us for the photoshoot. We look forward to working with her in future!

Stay curvy! xo -Voluptuous

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