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Plus Size Modeling: Words from Voluptuous Clothing Models

If you’ve seen photos of our latest clothes and trends in store, then you’ve seen our beautiful plus size models. We are proud to say that these models are everyday, regular women who love their curves and aren’t afraid to show them! Voluptuous Clothing offers a unique opportunity for its models to develop their portfolio and get discovered; our photo shoots have been known to launch many modeling careers. We encourage all women to apply for this opportunity, no experience is necessary and we look at everyone.    We wanted to share with you some of our models personal experiences in their own words.

Meet Cat, a previous Voluptuous Clothing employee and a hour-glass shaped body to die for! Here’s her experience:

My experience modelling for Voluptuous was an unforgettable one.  I had a great time trying on Voluptuous’ gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories.  The other models and staff were very sweet and helpful, they made me feel welcomed and part of the team.   It was interesting to see particular pieces on me, that I would never originally try on because I thought they wouldn’t look good on me… but they actually did!  It made me think about how much I’m missing out on, and how much more fun I could have with clothing if I just keep an open mind (it’s a lot easier when you have the sexy selection that Voluptuous does).  Sometimes we have to try new things and get out of that box we keep ourselves in.  I think if I learned anything from this experience it’s to celebrate your body because it’s beautiful!  

Checkered Maxi Dress

Meet Catherine, a dedicated Voluptuous Clothing customer with a bubbly personality who was once scared of her curves and now embraces them!

I saw a tweet on the Voluptuous Clothing Twitter page that they were looking for models and figured I’d apply… because what did I have to lose? I distinctly remember a time when a friend of my mother’s, a clothing designer said to me, “You’d be a beautiful model if you lost 50 lbs.”… it crushed my hopes. I’ve always been this shape, for as long as I can remember -there have been slimmer times and thicker times, but always the same shape…. And then I got an e-mail from Angela asking me to come in for a fitting at her Dufferin store location. I was so excited at the opportunity and when I went in for the fitting, I wasn’t disappointed! Angela and her team were absolutely wonderful… I never felt so proud of my curves and so beautiful -all the outfits I tried on were so exciting! At my first shoot, I felt like a fashion goddess with a hair stylist fixing my hair and having a make up artist glamorize me! During the shoot I realized how shy I was and how little confidence I had in my body and shape. Angela coached me through it and really helped me to see how beautiful I was… and it wasn’t hard to see that in the stylish clothes I was wearing. Things I had never thought I could wear before -let alone even had the courage to try on -looked amazing on and I felt great in. It made me take more risks about what I tried on and bought… and even made me walk a little prouder and smile more.  I would highly suggest that anyone try this opportunity, even if you aren’t looking to launch a modeling career -it’s a wonderful and fun experience.

Blue Lace Dress

There are more Voluptuous Clothing model stories to be written and maybe you’d like one of them to be yours?! We want you to show us that you have the confidence to show the world that you are a Voluptuous Doll! E-mail your photos in to Send us a head shot and a full body shot, as well as a blurb about yourself detailing your height, age and shoe size.


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  1. From the beginning I have always believed in inpowering the average plus size women! I am very touched and inspireded to hear such positive feedback and very proud to see these voluptuous models representing me!

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